Read the text: Most descriptive adjectives can show degree of quality or quantity by forming two degrees
There is and There are
Read the text: I have got a big and comfortable room on the first floor of our house.
Read the text. Pay attention to the verbs in Past Continuous: An Embarrassing Incident
Read the dialogue. Pay attention to Much and Many: — Hi, how are you? Could you
Translate the following sentences into Russian. I’ll ask Peter if I see him today. They would
Read the texts: NESSIEOne night Alan Cockerell, a waiter from a hotel near Loch Ness, walked
passive voice in english
Read the text How Towns Have ArisenMost villages and towns on the British Isles came
Some and Any
Read the dialogue. — Honey, we don’t have any salt.
possessive caseof nouns
Read the text: Alex Green’s FamilyAlex Green is a teacher. He has a small family: a wife and two
present progressive
Read the text. The SmithsIt is Sunday. It is nine o’clock in the morning. The Smiths are at home. Mr.

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