Урок 8: Время глагола Past Continuous

  1. Read the text. Pay atten­tion to the verbs in Past Continuous:

An Embar­rass­ing Incident

One day last spring I was walk­ing through the local park. Our park is very beau­ti­ful in spring.  It was a hot day and I was eat­ing an ice cream. As I was walk­ing past the boat­ing lake, I saw my friends, Lucy and Andrew. They were tak­ing their dog for a walk. When we met, we stopped for a chat. While we were talk­ing, their dog sud­den­ly jumped up and tried to get my ice cream. I pulled my hand away and unfor­tu­nate­ly the ice-cream came out of the cone. Now there was a bald man behind me. The poor man was­n’t doing any harm. He was just sit­ting on a bench and read­ing a news­pa­per. Well, when I pulled my hand away, the ice cream flew through the air and it land­ed on the man’s head. It was awful! Poor man! I did­n’t know whether to laugh or to cry. When I looked at my friends, they weren’t just laugh­ing, they were in hys­ter­ics. But I was ter­ri­bly embarrassed.

  1. Answer the questions:
  1. Where was the author walk­ing one day?
  2. What was the author eating?
  3. Who was tak­ing a dog for a walk?
  4. Was a bald man sit­ting on a bench or walk­ing along the street?
  5. The poor man was­n’t doing any harm, was he?


Chat — болтовня
Sud­den­ly —
Try (tried) –
пробовать, пытаться
Awful —
Embar­rassed –

  1. Find these words in the text and observe the con­text in which they are used.

[atten­tion type=red]Remember![/attention]

The Past Con­tin­u­ous Tense:

I, he, she, it was watching

we, you, they were watching

past continuous
Past Con­tin­u­ous в английском языке
  1. Use the verbs in Past Continuous:

While I ___________ (to copy) the exer­cise, my collegues__________ (to describe) a pic­ture. When they came in, the chil­dren __________ (to clean) their desks. We met him at the bus stop. He ___________ (to wait) for the bus. Some of the kids ________ (to ski) while oth­er chil­dren ___________ (to skate). Every­body __________ (to have) a lot of fun. When we came our friends ________ (to get) every­thing ready for Christ­mas. John and Lily _________ (to dec­o­rate) the Christ­mas tree. The girls _________ (to feed) the birds in the gar­den while the boys _______ (to make) a bird-house.

  1. Con­tin­ue the sen­tences in Past Continuous:

1.When Alex broke the win­dow, Jim  _________________ 2.  When Mum heard the crash she ___________________ 3.  The broth­ers didn’t hear the noise because they  ____________________ 4.  The cats ______________  when the noise woke them up. ______________ 5.  At 7.30 Nick   ________________.

  1. Open the brack­ets using the verbs in Past Continuous:

Around me peo­ple (to talk) French, Ital­ian and English.

Mike(to talk) to some of the oth­er guests on the ter­race when Alex came.

Tony (to look) at his watch.

All night long the stars (to glitter).

Amy (to eat) and didn’t raise her head.

She drank some of the wine and ate sev­er­al chunks of bread while she (to wait) for his din­ner to come up.

The fam­i­ly (to pre­pare) for the visit.

Tom (to argue) that only Lin­da knew how to treat women.

A few min­utes lat­er Andrew (to hur­ry) through the streets to his bus stop.

We moved across the room, which (to start) to fill up, to a vacant corner.

Stu­dents (to write) the test at this time yesterday.

Jim (to work) in the gar­den from three till five o’clock.

They (to watch) tele­vi­sion the whole evening.

They (to play) foot­ball at four o’clock?

You (to drink) tea at five o’clock?

Mike (to draw) from three till four o’clock?

Who (to lis­ten) to the radio at this time?

It (to rain) the whole day yesterday?

Chil­dren (to skate) at three o’clock?

Ann (not to help) moth­er about the house from two till six.

  1. Ask ques­tions to the sentence:

Tom was dri­ving home when his moth­er phoned him.

  1. Use the verbs in Past Continuous:

Ann (wash) the floor in our house the whole morning.

Andy (not/play) foot­ball from 5 till 7 last week.

Tim (take) a pho­to­graph of me when I (not/look).

When he (go) out into the gar­den, the sun (shine) and the birds (sing).

You (see) my broth­ers yes­ter­day, when they (cross) the street?

 We (cook) the whole day, so we weren’t ready for the party.

Please, don’t make some much noise. My father (work) in his room.

They (skate) the whole day yesterday.

  1. Use the verbs in Past Continuous:


I (read) a book the whole day yesterday.

They couldn’t sleep last night because their neigh­bors (have) a party.

Lily tried to explain every­thing to the teacher, but he just (not/understand) what she (talk) about.

You (take) a bath, when I (phone) you?

When we (walk) in the park the day before yes­ter­day, we (meet) Peter.

At school I (dis­like) chem­istry because my teacher always (pick) me on.

I (won­der) whether Sue could lend some money.

Flem­ing (study) influen­za when he (dis­cov­er) penicillin.

As I (dri­ve) to Paris I (lis­ten) to music.

  1. Make up some sen­tences using the Past Con­tin­u­ous Tense

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