Урок 2: The Possessive Case — притяжательный падеж

  1. Read the text:

Alex Green’s Family

Alex Green is a teacher. He has a small family: a wife and two children. His wife Ann is a doctor. His son James is a student at a London University. James is a second-year student. His daughter Amanda is at school. She is fifteen. Amanda is going to be a school teacher. She is fond of English language.

The Greens have a three-room flat. They have two bedrooms and a living-room in their flat. Their living-room is large. Their flat is light, comfortable and their cozy.

It is Sunday. The Greens are going to have guests today. Alex’s father and mother and Ann’s brother are coming to see them. Alex’s parents like to visit them. Ann’s relatives also often come to them.

It is seven o’clock now. The Greens and their guests are sitting at the table now. They are having dinner. James and Amanda are asking their Uncle Tom about his work. Their uncle is a journalist. He is a very interesting man.


Second-year student — студент второго курса
to be fond of —
three-room flat —
трехкомнатная квартира
cozy —
guests —

  1. Make up sentences with the new words.
  2. Answer the following questions:

What is Alex Green?
Has Alex a big family?
What is his wife?
How many children have the Greens?
What is Amanda going to be?
How is the Greens' flat?
What day is it?
Are the Greens going to have guests?
Who is going to visit the Greens?
What the Greens and their guests are doing now?
What is Uncle Tom?
Is Tom an interesting man?

  1. Translate and retell the text.
  2. Tell about your family, about your friend’s family using the new words.
  3. Find English equivalents in the text:

Алекс Грин учитель. Джеймс — студент второго курса. Аманда собирается быть школьным учителем. У семьи Грин трехкомнатная квартира. Родители Алекса любят их навещать. Их дядя журналист.

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The Possessive Case:

The house of my mother — My mother’s house

The book of our friends — our friends' book

possessive case
Притяжательный падеж в английском языке

  • Is this Smith’s new car?
  • No, it isn’t. It’s his brother’s
  • Whose book is this?
  • It is Tom’s
  • Whose house is this?
  • It is my parents'

  1. Answer the questions using the Possessive Case:

Example: Whose room is this? (Jane)
This is Jane’s room.

Whose children are they? (my brother)
whose car is this? (Mr. Brown)
Whose TV set is this? (Peter)
Whose books are these? (her son)
Whose flat is this? (my friend)
Whose dress is this? (my sister)
Whose son is this? (my aunt)
Whose jacket is this? (my father)

  1. Fill in with the prepositions at, on, after, of, about:

Ben’s two sons are… school and his daughter is… Oxford University.
Is your mother… home now?
Mr. and Mrs. Brown and their guests are sitting… table now.
Peter and Jane are asking their friend… his work.
Is your brother fond… mathematics?
Bill and Mary are going to see the Browns… Sunday.
Tom and Nick are going to play chess… classes.
Bill is writing a sentence… blackboard.

  1. Point out the Possessive Case:

Peter’s son is playing chess now.
Mr. Black’s sister is having an English class now.
Ann’s children are watching TV now.
Is Mr. Smith’s son a student?
Whose pencils are these? They are Ben’s pencils.
My parents' car is being repaired now.
Where can I find your friend’s mother?

10. Translate these sentences into English:

Дом моих родителей большой и светлый.
Подруга моей сестры учится в университете.
Книги моих друзей находятся на полке.
Доклад моего коллеги очень интересный.
Беседа наших друзей продолжилась вечером.
Друзья наших дедушки с бабушкой навестят нас завтра.
Компьютер моего двоюродного брата сломался.
Мне очень нравится одежда твоей сестры.
Чей это браслет? Моей сестры.

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