Урок 7: Much and Many с существительными

  1. Read the dia­logue. Pay atten­tion to Much and Many:

- Hi, how are you? Could you answer my questions?

- I am fine, thank you! Yes, of course. What do you want to know?

- OK. Do you drink much water?

- Yes, I drink a lot of water every day.

- And what about cof­fee? How much cof­fee do you drink?

- I don’t drink cof­fee at all, because I don’t like cof­fee.  But I drink much tea.

- How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

- I drink about 10 cups a day. Some­times more.

- Oh, you real­ly drink a lot of tea. Do you eat many veg­eta­bles? Do you like them?

- Is grass a vegetable?

- I don’t know. I think it is.

- OK, then, yes. I like veg­eta­bles. I eat a lot of veg­eta­bles every day. And I also eat many bis­cuits. I like sweets very much.

- Do you have many broth­ers and sisters?

- Yes, I do. I have 8 sisters.

- How many broth­ers do you have?

- I have only 2 brothers.

- OK, thank you for your answers. Bye.

- Be wel­come! Bye.


Water — вода

Drink — пить

Some­times — иногда

Grass — трава

  1. Find Eng­lish equiv­a­lents in the text:

Я пью много воды каждый день. Что насчет кофе? Я совсем не пью кофе. Сколько чашек чая вы пьете за день? Трава – это овощ? У вас много братьев и сестер?

  1. Ask ques­tions to the sentence:

I eat a lot of veg­eta­bles every day.


  1. Role play the dialogue.


[atten­tion type=red]Remember![/attention]

 Much sug­ar

Many friends

A lot of sugar/a lot of friends

Much and Many — их употребление в английском


  1. Fill in with Much or Many:
    Please don’t ask me…questions. 2. How…money has he got 3. Tom nev­er eats…bread with soup. 4. Why did he eat so…ice-cream. 5. Amy wrote us…letters from the coun­try. 6…of these pupils don’t like to look up words in the dic­tio­nary. 7…in this task was too dif­fi­cult for me. 8. He spent…time writ­ing his com­po­si­tion in His­to­ry. 9. There were…plates and forks on the table. 10. Thank you very…11…of my friends are prepar­ing for their entrance exams now. 12.I don’t like…sugar in my coffee.
  1. Fill in with Much, Many or A lot of: 

Do you drink ________tea? I like read­ing. I read _________books. We have _______ lessons of French this year. I like this new pro­fes­sor very _______. I can’t remem­ber _______ from this pas­sage. Do you learn _______ new for­eign words every day? We haven’t got ________ salt. There isn’t________ milk in the fridge. Alex has­n’t got ________ cas­settes. I can’t spend ________ mon­ey on toys. Are there ________ cars in the yard? How ________ days are there in a week? We haven’t ________ bread in the house. Martha did­n’t spend________ mon­ey. We haven’t got ________time. Have you got ________ cousins? Don’t put ________ sug­ar in my tea. They saw ________interesting things in the museum.

  1. Choose the appro­pri­ate answer. Much or many? 

They have too (many/much) fur­ni­ture in the room. There are too (many/much) books on your shelf. You have too (many/much) mis­takes in your dic­ta­tion. You must not drink (many/much) cof­fee. You put too (many/much) salt in the soup. You put too (many/much) fruits in the sal­ad. Must we learn (many /much) mate­r­i­al for tomor­row? We have got (many /much) hamburgers.

8. Insert Much, Many, A lot of.

They don’t have ________ mate­r­i­al to learn. There is ________ fur­ni­ture in the room. There aren’t ________ things in the wardrobe. There isn’t ________ snow in the for­est He has got I don’t take ________ mon­ey to school. Do you need ________ mon­ey? There are ________ new hous­es in the street. There are ________ shops in our street. ________ peo­ple come to Moscow in summer.
You can see ________ cars near the air­port. You must­n’t eat so ________ sweets. You must­n’t drink so He has­n’t met ________ peo­ple there. He did­n’t ask ________ He bought _______ fur­ni­ture for his new flat. This work won’t take ______ time. Have we got _______ apples for the chil­dren? I don’t like _______ salt in the sal­ad. My lit­tle sis­ter speaks _________ that’s why we call her «a chat­ter box».
Is there ________ tea in the cup? No, not ________ Are there ________eggs in the fridge? Yes, there are ________ eggs. Is there ________ milk in the bot­tle? Yes, there is ________ milk. Are there ________ lemons in the box? No, not ________. There are _________ apples on the table. There _________ many sand­wich­es in the fridge. Is there ______ cof­fee in the cup? There is ______ jam on the plate. There are ______ bananas in the bag. Is there _______ bread on the table? There is _______ sal­ad on the plate. Are there _______ cups on the shelf? There are _______hamburgers in the box.
It costs _________ mon­ey to trav­el round the world We saw _________ inter­est­ing things in the muse­um. Most peo­ple in town have jobs. There isn’t _________unemployment there. It takes _________hard work to get a uni­ver­si­ty degree. There was so_________ traf­fic that we were delayed for an hour. Has he invit­ed _________ guests to his din­ner par­ty? I don’t think there will be _________interest in tonight’s foot­ball match. There isn’t _________news about Michael Jor­don at the moment. Look, is there _______ sug­ar in our sug­ar-pot? _______ pupils of our class are going to have high­er edu­ca­tion. You have wast­ed _______ time for prepar­ing din­ner. She did­n’t do _______ exer­cis­es yes­ter­day, she did­n’t have _______ time. Did he read this book _______ times? Are there _______ flow­ers in front of the house? Do they need _______water? There weren’t _______ young peo­ple at the par­ty last Saturday.

  1. Find and cor­rect mis­takes if any.

We did­n’t take many food with us. There aren’t much new sub­jects this year. I haven’t much free time today. He does­n’t do much writ­ten exer­cis­es every day. We don’t drink many cof­fee in our fam­i­ly. There isn’t much fur­ni­ture in my room. There was­n’t many hap­pi­ness in his face. Not many new ideas were dis­cussed. We shan’t have much lessons tomor­row. I won’t have much mis­takes in this exercise.

  1. Make up 10 sen­tences with Much and Many.

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