Урок 6: Conditional — условное наклонение

  1. Translate the following sentences into Russian.

I’ll ask Peter if I see him today.
They would go to your party if they had time tomorrow.

Mary would pass her exam next month if she worked harder.
Alice would be happy if she met Tom at the party next Sunday.
They’ll go nowhere tomorrow if it rains.
If Ann knew Alex’s phone number, she would call him next week.
If J. London hadn’t learned life from his own experience, he couldn’t have written his great works.
Had the science of radio not been developed so rapidly, we shouldn’t have got such remarkable changes in the technique today.
Had Jim been a young man, he would have taken part in the expedition.
If Andy had applied this method, he would have got better results.

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The I-st: If I have money, I will buy a car. — Если у меня будут деньги, я куплю машину.

The II-nd: If I had money, I would buy a car. — Если бы у меня были деньги, я бы купил машину.

The III-d: If I had had money, I would have bought a car. — Если бы у меня были деньги, я бы купил машину (нереальное условие).

  1. Open the brackets:

The buses all (stop) … if it snowed heavily.
If you (go out) … in cool weather without a coat, you would catch a cold.
If I saw a cheap second- hand computer, I (buy) … it.
If you ate well and exercised regularly, you (live) … 100 years.
You would have had stomach ache if you (eat) … too much of that jelly.
If it (rain) … this evening, I (take)… my umbrella.
If you did not drive carefully, you (have) … an accident.
If you (study) … for a higher qualification, you (get) … a good job next year.
If you sent the post-card by first class mail, it (get) … there the following day.
If the weather is fine, we (go) for a picnic.

  1. Open the brackets:

If I (to have) this rare book, I should gladly lend it to you.
The meal would have been much more tasty if she (to be) a better cook.
He never (to phone) you if I hadn’t reminded him to do that.
Your brother (to become) much stronger if he took cool baths regularly.
If he (to be) more courageous, he would not be afraid.
If the fisherman had been more hard-working, he (not to catch) so much fish.
If you (to put) the ice-cream into the refrigerator, it would not have melted.
If I (to know) the result now, I would phone her immediately.
If you had let me know yesterday, I (to bring) you my book.
If it (to snow), the children will play snowballs.

  1. Finish up these sentences:

I’ll ask George to lend me the money (если я вижу его).
You’ll be late (если не поедете на автобусе).
Will you be able to help me (если мне нужна будет ваша помощь)?
I’d lend you the money (если бы у меня были деньги).
If I had her telephone number (я бы дал вам его).
If they had gone by bus, (они бы сэкономили время).
If my sister won a million pounds, (она бы потратила их очень быстро).
If I had more time, (я бы прочитал больше книг).
(если я буду чувствовать себя хорошо), I’ll be present tomorrow.
John would have come to the party last Sunday (если бы его пригласили).

  1. Continue these sentences:

Alex would know English better if …

I should have left Bristol yesterday if …

If he were you, …

If John had known that it was going to rain, …

We shall go for a walk, if …

We should lend you our textbooks if …

If they had bought the tickets, …

If you were there, …

We should be glad if …

If Joe were younger, …

  1. Translate into English:

Я был бы рад, если бы Джон пришел.
Если будет дождь, возьми зонт.
Если ты не наденешь пальто, ты можешь простудиться.
Если у меня будут деньги, я куплю автомобиль.
Мы поженимся, если Мери согласится.
Я куплю тебе кольцо, если захочешь.
Я бы хотел прочитать эту книгу, если бы нашел ее.
Если бы я был на твоем месте, я бы поговорил с ней.

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