Урок 3: Неопределенные местоимения Some and Any

  1. Read the dialogue.

— Honey, we don’t have any salt.

— We have some salt darling. It’s in the cupboard.

— Ah, OK. Do we have any eggs? I would like to make some omellette.

— There are some eggs in the fridge, I think.

— Is there any milk in the fridge?

— No, there isn’t any milk at all. We need to buy some milk.

— OK. What about flour? Do we have any flour?

— Yes, we do. We have some flour in the cupboard on the shelf. But we don’t have any pepper. And there isn’t any oil too.

— OK, I’ll go shopping and buy some oil, some salt, some pepper and some milk. I won’t buy any eggs, any flour and any sugar.

— Thank you darling. You are always so helpful. That’s why I love you!


Honey — мед; здесь: дорогой, любимый

Salt — соль

Cupboard — буфет, шкаф

At all — совсем, вовсе

Flour — мука

Pepper — перец

Oil — масло

  1. Translate the dialogue and role play it.
  2. Point out the sentences with Some and Any.
  3. Make up your own dialogue using Some, Any and vocabulary of the lesson.

[attention type=red]Remember![/attention]

Some — affirmative sentences.

Any — negative, interrogative sentences.

Какие-то, несколько, некоторые, немного и т. д.

Some and Any
Употребление Some и Any в английском языке

  1. Fill in with Some and Any.
  2. My brother has … good books.
  3. Lily may come at … time.
  4. … of these clocks are very expensive.
  5. Have you … pens?
  6. There are … mistakes in Tom’s design.
  7. Are there … new buildings here?
  8. Alex has … antiques.
  9. They have not … time.
  1. Choose the right answer

Jim hasn’t got … money.



Would you like … juice?



Would you like … chocolate pudding?



I haven’t written … letters.



Would you like … tea?



Do you know … good hotels in Paris?



Ann is going to buy … clothes.



Jimmy has … excellent computer games.



Do you have … better ideas?



Would you like … sugar in your coffee?



  1. Fill in with Some and Any
  2. There are … pictures in the text-book
  3. Are there … new pupils in your group?
  4. There are … new buildings in our street.
  5. Are there … English newspapers on the desks? — Yes, there are …
  6. Are there … maps of Great Britain on the walls? —No, there aren’t …
  7. Are there … pencils on the desk? — - Yes, there are …
  8. Are there … chewing gums in your bag? — - Yes, there are…
  9. Have you got … French books at home? -- Yes, I have…
  10. There are … beautiful pictures in the magazine. Look at them.8.Fill in with Some, Any or No

1.There are … buses today and I can’t go shopping. 2. There is … caviar in the can. I love it. Would you like ??? 3. Please don’t offer him … chips. He doesn’t want …. 4. Can I have … milk in my tea? I don’t like it black. 5. There is … ink in my pen. 6. Is there … snow in the street this morning? 7. My mother likes … music. 8. Are there … chess players there? 9. There are … diagrams in the new text-book. 10. Are there … French newspapers on the table?

  1. Fill in with Some and Any

There is … green tea in the cup.

My cousin has … French books.

Are there … guests in the living-room?

Do you have … toys?

There are not … beats at home.

Nancy has … flowers in her hands.

Does Andy have … pencils?

There are not … pencils in the pencil-box.

Are there … pictures on the wall?

There are … buses in the street.

Would you like … ice-cream?

Can I have … milk?

There are … newspapers on the table.

There isn’t … butter on the table.

Sue has … toys in the corner of her room.

Is there … chalk, children?

Are there … pictures in this magazine?

There are … chairs round the table.

  1. Make up ten sentences using Some and Any

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