Урок 15 “Полиглот: английский за 16 часов”


Добрый день! Рада приветствовать вас на 15 уроке курса «Полиглот: английский за 16 часов».
На данном уроке интеллектуального шоу, ученики Дмитрия Петрова продемонстрируют свои достижения в освоении английского. Уделите внимание изучению историй каждого из участников программы «Полиглот», если у вас не возникнет вопросов, касательно перевода и вы хорошо поймете, сказанное учениками – значит вы поработали ничуть не хуже самих участников шоу!

Обзор всех уроков Полиглот английский за 16 часов, учите с удовольствием.

Запомните, что вы можете учиться и на ошибках, ученики Дмитрия Петрова, повествуя о себе, допускают довольно распространённые грамматические и синтаксические ошибки характерные для русскоговорящих.

Ошибка номер один – отсутствие фиксированного порядка слов в предложениях. Не забываете об этой особенности, если русский язык позволят менять положения членов предложения, английскому языку это совершенно не характерно.

1 — Подлежащее 2- Сказуемое 3 — Дополнение 4 — Обстоятельство
  • Обстоятельства места и времени могут занять положение и перед подлежащим, и после дополнения. То есть они имеют два варианта места расположения в предложении.

Ошибка номер два – неправильное спряжение глаголов. Всё же, таблица спряжения глаголов, не была доведена до автоматизма.

Посмотрите видео пятнадцатого урока

Истории, прозвучавшие на 15 уроке «Полиглота»

My name is Anna. I’m 27 years old. I’m an actress. I live in Moscow. I work in the the­atre. I love my job very much. I work in the the­atre and some­times I work in the cin­e­ma. But now the main direc­tion of my work is con­cen­trat­ed on the­atre work. I have a fam­i­ly. I have very good house. There are very good peo­ple around me. The most impor­tant peo­ple in my life are the mem­bers of my fam­i­ly. I have very nice daugh­ter. She is a very kind, light and open per­son. She has a very sin­cere heart. And I believe, when she grows up, she will be a very kind and light per­son. I have a moth­er. She helps me in my life every time in some prac­ti­cal or philo­soph­i­cal sense. She sup­ports me. I have a hus­band. I love him and he loves me. And it’s nice. He is a musi­cian. His main direc­tion of musi­cal job is piano music. He deals with aca­d­e­m­i­cal music. He work like a direc­tor or con­duc­tor, not like con­duc­tor in direct sense, but as an ide­ol­o­gist of orches­tra.  He has a lot of bright ideas in con­tem­po­rary art. And in these ideas com­bine con­tem­po­rary art and the spir­it of the time with the aca­d­e­m­i­cal direc­tion of the music.

Oleg story

My name is Oleg Shukin. I’m a writer, a play writer and a screen writer.  I was born in 1963 in Moscow. In 1980 I learned in the­atre school “Boris Shukin”. After the school, I worked in the the­atre “Young spec­ta­tor” in city Tbil­isi. I worked as a writer, I made the nov­els, the arti­cles, the plays and the scripts. I have one son. He like to take pho­tos and the cin­e­ma. My son and I are very good friends. We go to the cin­e­ma and we spend time togeth­er.  Yes­ter­day, may be, I said to you, my son had a very good idea – he likes such jobs as direc­tor film and cam­era­man, but today he is not sure. He wants to have a lit­tle busi­ness. My son and I are very big friends, the sin­gle prob­lem is our tastes dif­fer. My son likes action films, but I like philo­soph­i­cal and psy­cho­log­i­cal films.


My name is Vladimir or Volde­mar, my friends call me Volde­mar. I like music. When I was young I liked clas­si­cal music, today I like dif­fer­ent styles. I make my own music some­times, but my wife doesn’t like, when I make it, because it’s very noisy. When I do it in home, she doesn’t like it. It sounds like art of noise. My music you can call art of noise, but it’s stronger. I mar­ried to Nas­tia and I’m very hap­py. I like black col­or. I have two sons. I want a daugh­ter, but right now we make no plans.


Vladimir and I have two chil­dren – Godei and Orfei. The elder son is six and the half and the younger is three and the half. We live in Moscow. My chil­dren like to trav­el very much. I want them to know Eng­lish and that’s why I study Eng­lish. My elder son likes paint­ing and he likes to sew. He design the clothes for him­self, for me and for dolls, but with all that, he is the best pupil in the karate school.  He has a very good coach, who always prais­es him. My sons are friends, because they have no oth­er choice. I think that chil­dren in some fam­i­lies are not friends, because they have this chance. They fight some­times, but it’s nat­ur­al, they are boys. But when I scold one of them, the oth­er one comes to me and defends his broth­er and scolds me. They love each oth­er. I think my elder son will be direc­tor, because he always play with some dolls, he plays dif­fer­ent sto­ries, his favorite sto­ry is “Romeo and Juliette”.


My name is Sasha. I work very much. I work in the the­atre, some­times in the cin­e­ma. I have a pro­gram on TV. In addi­tion, I have some inde­pen­dent projects. About con­tem­po­rary art and per­for­mance.  I have no time, and yes­ter­day I thought: “how I can relax fast?”; I like to trav­el but it’s pos­si­ble if you have free time. Yes­ter­day in the morn­ing for one pro­gram, I tried zorb­ing. It’s an extreme sport. I felt hap­py and fresh. I think it’s a good idea to spend your time with extreme sport. In sum­mer, I learned wake­board. It’s an extreme sport. It’s bet­ter for men, not for women, because it’s very dan­ger­ous. You can even fall under the water and you can break some part of the body, you can have trau­ma. You run on the water.  And this is moment very dan­ger­ous, when you go left, then right. There two waves, and you should jump over the waves. And in this moment, you can fall. The max­i­mal time is 15 min­utes. It’s an ide­al sport, when you have lit­tle time.

I thought what I can tell about me.  I can under­stand noth­ing about me. I thought about chil­dren, when the guys told about them. May be, this is my plan for the future. I think it’s the main role in my life(to be a moth­er) and in lives all women.  We have to make the best future for our chil­dren and they will have no pres­sure, noth­ing bad.

But now I have a dog, it’s my son.


I have the big plans. The near­est future I want to have jew­el­ry col­lec­tion, and in the dis­tant future, my big plan is to have the world fame, I me to be famous.

I have two sons. They have dif­fer­ent moth­ers. One son lives in Saint-Peters­burg, one son lives in Moscow.

After the car acci­dent, I left the big sport. I was a ski jumper, in the nation­al team of USSR. I got a new start in my life.


My name is Alisa, I’m 25 years old. I work in the State Tretyakov Gallery. It’s muse­um of Russ­ian Art. I work in PR-depart­ment of the Tretyakov Gallery. I think in this moment I want to con­tin­ue this work, and lat­er I can change something.

I like dif­fer­ent art styles:  Renais­sance, Impres­sion­ism, Mod­ern Art and For­eign Art.

Скачайте дополнительные материалы к уроку по ссылке ниже.

Дополнительные материалы

Дорогие друзья, если всё-таки, вам не всё понятно в данных историях, не расстраивайтесь — невозможно знать весь необъятный лексический запас английского языка. Постепенно, при должных: практике и усилиях, вы наберете необходимый для вас запас слов. Главная ваша задача, на данном этапе – усвоить базовые структуры, они не должны вызывать у вас никаких колебаний.

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