Урок № 37 Английский язык по методу доктора Пимслера

Начинаем тридцать седьмой урок из второго курса по методу доктора Пимслера американский английский язык для русcкоговорящих.

Чтобы вам не пришлось тратить много времени на поиски, мы разместили ссылки на все задания в записи Учим английский по методу доктора Пимслера

Включите аудио урок и следуйте дальше по тексту.

Listen to this conversation.
A — Susan, do you have time for coffee?
B — No, I don’t. Not now. A friend of mine is coming to visit and I don’t have much time.
A — Do I know your friend?
B — I don’t think so. Her name is Anna Rodriguez. And she is from Mexico. I haven’t seen her for a few years. But maybe later we may have a glass of wine together.

Good morning, Miss Ramirez.

I’m sorry, what’s your name?

My name’s Charles Johnson.

Oh, yes! And how are you Mr. Johnson?

Not bad thanks.

Do you have time for coffee?

Not now, but a little later.

Why don’t we go Why don’t we go to the Garden café?

At five o’clock?

We can have a beer.

Or a glass of wine.

I never drink white wine.

And I don’t like beer.


Sometimes I drink red wine.

But I like coffee very much.

Me too.

Then why don’t we have some coffee later?

Sometimes I drink red wine.

And sometimes I drink coffee.

But I never drink beer.

A colleague of mine is coming to visit.

A colleague of yours?

Yes, her name is Elena Martinez.

She is coming with her husband.

They are both Mexicans.


I haven’t seen my colleague.

For a year.

I haven’t seen her for a year.

She and her husband

She and her husband are both from Mexico.

But now they live in Washington.

Where do they live?

They still live in Washington.

They’ve lived there for three years.

They’ve lived there for three years.

How long?

How long have they lived there?

They’ve lived there for three years.

They are both Mexicans.

Say that they both speak English.
They both speak English.
They both speak English.

They always speak English with me.

But sometimes they speak Spanish.

With my children.

When did they arrive in New York?

This morning.

They arrived in New York this morning.

They’ve lived in Washington for three years.

Do you have a lot of work today?

No, I don’t have much work.

Do you have time for a glass of wine?

I always have time.

For a glass of wine with you

To the Garden café,

All right, I like the Garden café.

Sometimes I go there.

Sometimes I go there with a friend of mine.

I’m going to Boston tomorrow.

I’m going to Boston tomorrow.

I never go to Boston.

Sometimes I go there.

with a friend of mine

We both went there yesterday.

I don’t want to wait.


All right, we can walk.

Sometimes I walk.

Sometimes I take a taxi.

We can walk.

Or we can take a taxi.

We can both take a taxi.

Where is your car?

At home.


At home.

At home.

We can walk.

Or we can take a taxi.

But my car is at home.

I don’t have much time.


I’m going to have dinner with a colleague of mine.

A colleague of yours?

Yes, a colleague from Mexico.

His name is Miguel Rodriguez.

He’s coming to visit today.

Oh, I know him.

I think his wife is Colombian.

Yes, and now they live in Boston.

They’ve lived there for two years.

They both speak English very well.

But sometimes they speak Spanish together.

Where are you going to have dinner?

At home.

Sometimes we go to a restaurant.

But tonight

We are going to eat at home.

Are we going to take a taxi?

No, it’s not far.

Why don’t we walk?

Do you know my friend Maria Ortiz?

She is coming to visit tomorrow.

Maria? Yes, I know her.

She lives in Guadalajara, doesn’t she?

She still lives there with her son.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen her.

For a few years.

But tomorrow she is coming to visit.

And tomorrow I don’t have much work.

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